Why Duplicate Content Could Be Ruining Your SEO Efforts


Creating valuable and informative content is important for every website. But, if there is duplicate content, there is a risk of SEO issues. Most website owners think that Google imposes a penalty when it finds duplicated content. However, the truth is that the copied content leads to inaccurate search results and lowers your ranking potential.

Duplicate Content Can Be Categorized In 2 Ways

Internal duplicate web content – This refers to the appearance of similar content on different pages of the same website.

External duplicate web content – The same content is found across various websites and domains. It happens if you have used the same content taken from another site or someone else has used your website without permission. Make sure your web pages have unique descriptions, titles, content, and headings.

How Does Duplicate Content Affect Seo?

Duplicate content stolen from other websites will be a big issue for SEO. Similarly, if others steal your well-written content, it means you’ll face issues. So, duplicity should be avoided to make your content SEO-friendly.

Another big issue with the copied website content is that if there is identical content on different pages, Google finds it challenging to detect one for ranking. The search engine cannot decide on the more relevant content.

Besides, Google thinks that duplicate content will not give value to readers. Thin, low-quality content will degrade your website’s rank. So, you will receive less traffic and fewer leads. It will ultimately affect the revenue of your business.

Crawl bots spend a limited time on every website. Thus, a high volume of copied content will waste the bots’ valuable time. So, Google always recommends limiting the duplicate content on your website. Even if a wrong page with duplicate content ranks, it will not satisfy target audiences. Your page will not give the desired information to website visitors.

‍So, it leads to a negative user experience, which is not good for SEO. Frustrated users will leave your site, and this increases the bounce rate.

How To Avoid Duplicate Web Content?

301 redirects – Some signals sent to search engines help bots crawl your website effectively. For instance, 301 redirect is a way to deal with duplicate content. It refers to a link to the destination webpage.

URL parameters – Many websites choose URL parameters that allow users to sort or filter content. It leads to several pages with similar content but with some variations in the parameter. For every unfiltered page, you have to use canonical URLs.

While developing content for your website, you should ensure its originality. Moreover, you must not republish content without permission, as it generates unauthorized duplicate versions. Use a plagiarism checker before publishing the web content. Experienced writers are skilled at creating high-quality, fresh content for your website.

If you want to identify and remove duplicate content, you can hire SEO professionals from leading agencies. King Kong now has an office and employees in the USA, for example, and its versatile team can run your marketing campaigns.

for example and it’s versatile team can run your marketing campaigns.

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